REQUIREMENTS TO BEING A HELPING STAR OF THE YCTW. By signing up, you agree to the following:


– Offer at least a 50% reduction on the fee of at least one treatment/service of your list, at least once a month to someone who is struggling financially.

– Classes (pilates, yoga, personal training…): offer one spot at a 50% discount per class or one free spot a month or per program/term.

– Produce an annual report with your community hours worked, keeping your service user’s data private and confidential. Simply use their initials and date of treatment, for example:


Ana Guerrero on 23/08/18 would show as AG230818

Struggling single parent, in example

Condition treated

Session number #


[[ RESEARCH: it is optional but you can add any other information which could potentially benefit the researchers dedicated to proving the efficacy of complementary therapies. The reports you send us will be published regularly so the general public can be reassured that we are indeed helping our communities and will know how we are doing it. If this interests you, add relevant info such as: method used, length of treatment, a pain/discomfort/improvement scale, reaction to treatment and so on. ]]


– It is down to yourself, who you want to offer the reduced rates to (PTSD, anxiety, depression, sick leavers, single parents struggling…).

– It is also down to you to decide if you will need proof from your client (i.e. I am offering reduced rates to people who live on benefits, unable to work due to a health condition I may be able to help with. In this case, I ask for an official letter from the Job Centre or a bank statement showing government payments). Some therapists are happy to offer this scheme on a trust basis too!



– To have the relevant policies in place, complying to the GDPR.

– To be qualified and have public liability.

– If you are self-employed, to be registered with the HMRC.